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Avoiding Cancer

by B.J. Wang
E Shan Tang Herbs, Inc.

Many people ask me how to avoid cancer. These are my recommendations for avoiding cancer.

The first and most important step toward minimizing cancer risk starts with a healthy sleep schedule. You must get a full eight hours of sleep every night in order to avoid cancer. Without proper sleep, it is much more difficult to stave off any disease, especially cancer. It is of the utmost importance to get a full night's sleep every night. Once this is achieved, positive lifestyle changes will begin to have a positive impact.

Keeping your body temperature up is important when it comes to avoiding cancer. This bolsters your immune system, helping to kill bad cells. Every 1 degree cooler your body gets reduces immune system effectiveness by 30%. To avoid this, don't consume cold food & drink: these will sap heat from your stomach, triggering fat growth to keep warm.

Good posture also helps to mitigate cancer risk. Better posture means better & deeper breathing. This increases the amount of oxygen that get circulated to your brain, keeping it more active, which helps to prevent cancer of the brain. Additionally, bad posture can lead to nerve problems and encourages mucus buildup.

One must also be careful of their diet when trying to avoid cancer. Eating too much food that is super-sweet or acidic (that is, having low pH) will contribute to cancer. These foods are okay in moderation, but alkaline foods are certainly always a much healthier alternative. Stress levels and acidic pH levels in humans go hand in hand. An alkaline diet will help reduce stress, help reduce the amount of free radicals in your system, and help slow down cellular aging.

An important detail with regard to diet is the act of chewing. When you chew, your brain prepares your body for the process of digestion by triggering bile production in the gall bladder. Bile production reduces cholesterol. Additionally, the act of chewing regulates your sense of appetite: more chewing helps you feel less hungry, even if you don't eat less, because of the association your brain makes with the act of chewing. Chewing is also commonly known to help your brain stay active, a method used by professional baseball players and other athletes to maintain focus, and an active brain is at lower risk for cancer.

If you can achieve the above lifestyle guidelines, then happiness should naturally follow, and happiness is the final component to preventing cancer. Don't sweat the little stuff. Anger is measurable, and speeds up aging exponentially. To mitigate this, you should work without expectation of return. By this I mean that you should lower your expectations for what others should do for you, and you shouldn't wait for things to happen to you, you should do them yourself. Staying happy and sowing happiness helps prevent cancer in you and others!

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