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B.J. Wang's Ideas for Weight Loss


Everyone knows that weight loss involves exercise, but not everyone has the time, money, or energy to devote to a full daily gym regimen. These exercises are designed to be easy, fast, and done at home.

Before every exercise, you need to warm up. My warm-up exercise is a special breathing exercise. Sit as upright as possible, either on the floor in a comfortable position (left), or in a chair (right). Let your arms rest relaxed in your lap or in front of you (1).

Inhale deep and slow. While you inhale, bring your arms behind you (2), clasp your hands and pull your shoulders backwards to stretch your back (3). Exhale slowly, bringing your arms in front of you (4) and leaning forward as far as is comfortable (5). Repeat this warm-up ten times.


Excess weight in the stomach area is often associated with weak abdominal muscles. By strengthening those muscles, you can do away with the excess weight. This strenuous exercise works the entire abdominal area.

Stand upright, with feet together and toes pointed forward. Raise your arms above your head and put your hands together, extending your fingertips to point to the ceiling (1). Keeping your feet in place and your hands together, turn your body all the way to the left, simultaneously bringing your hands down a bit and all the way to the left, as if to draw a curve in the air (2). Continue the curve in the opposite direction: turn your body all the way to the right, and bring your arms down a little further and all the way to the right, as far as you can go (3). Go left again in the same fashion (4) and right again (5) until you reach the ground (6). Now, do the entire exercise in reverse: draw the S-shaped curve with your extended arms from the ground up, turning your body as far as it can go in each direction.

1    2    3   

4    5    6   

Between your fingers are nerves that are controlled by the cerebellum. This exercise exhibits precise control from those nerves to improve the functioning of the cerebellum and thus improve your overall balance.

Open one of your hands and extend the fingers to point in front of you. Take three coins and place them between your index, middle, ring, and pinky fingers (1). Try to hold them there as steadily as you can without relaxing your hand. Once you have good control, slowly turn your palm toward the ground (2) and hold your hand there facing down for a few seconds (3). Then slowly turn it back to its original position. Continue like this for two or three minutes.

1    2    3   

When you have good balance, you can lose weight easily. Consider a flying bird, or a balancing act in a circus. Both have their arms outstretched for balance. You will never see a fat bird fly, or a fat person walk on a wire, because it is harder for them to balance if they have excess weight. That is, balance fosters lightness. Here is a sample of an exercise for your cerebellum, which is the part of your brain in the very back that controls balance and posture and the coordination of movement.

Find a straight line anywhere in your home, raise your arms at your sides, and try to walk it, one foot in front of the other with toes pointed forward, back and forth for 2 minutes. The longer you can stay on and balanced, and the better posture you display, the better you will lose weight. When you walk, walk straight and upright and open your chest. Normally, one doesn't think to point their toes forward when they walk; rather, the toes are pointed outward, like a duck. This allows the pelvis to slouch and the stomach and rear to be pushed outward, and sometimes causes digestive and breathing problems.


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