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B.J. Wang's Ideas for Weight Loss


A high metabolism can help you burn fat and calories, lose weight, make your skin look and feel better and younger, and even prevent diabetes. On the other hand, if your metabolism is low, your fat will not burn, your water will stay, and impurities will remain in your skin: you will not lose weight. Here are a few things you can do to improve your metabolism:

1. Drink hot liquids frequently.
2. Exercise frequently.
3. Breathe deep often.
4. After 3 P.M., do not consume sugary things.
5. After 3 P.M., do not eat fruits.
6. Do not eat ice cream, raw foods, grains, or flour-based foods.
7. Maintain good posture.
8. Sit on the floor, rather than the sofa.
9. Think positive; be happy; laugh more.

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