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B.J. Wang's Ideas for Weight Loss

Bowel Movements

Regular bowel movements are important when it comes to losing weight. Many diet teas on the market today simply help you to have more regular bowel movements, but may also cause cramps or diarrhea. For example, many years ago, phen-fen was sold for this purpose with success but some users experienced severe side effects, resulting in a global recall. Also, Ephedra (Chinese 'ma huang') has been marketed in the past as a high fat burning compound. It is still used in Chinese traditional medicine in small doses to treat breathing ailments, among other things. However, there are easier and side-effect-free ways to achieve the same results.

As regards bowel movements, a common symptom of poor bowel movements is constipation. Constipation occurs because metabolism is low and the colon becomes dry and lazy, so old stool and gas are not moved out of the body. In order to ensure that bowel movements happen regularly and constipation does not occur, the colon must be hydrated and active. According to oriental medicinal theory, strength in the lungs helps to bolster the colon, assisting in regular bowel movements.

How, then, can you make your lungs stronger? Drink hot liquids frequently, stay active and exercise, including breathing exercises, and stock up on friendly bacteria (yogurt, acidophollus, miso, natto, amazake) which will cause less gas and help overall detoxification, including cleaning out old stool. The condition of the stomach is reflected in the facial skin, so this detoxification will also improve the condition of the face.

Other combatants against constipation include oolong tea or any fermented black tea, rhubarb root, aloe, and sena (to be used sparingly).

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