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Actions & Indications
Cramp EZ Tea 
Reduces menstrual pain by warming the abdomen, reducing blood clots, and moving stagnant qi. 
Dang Gui Wan 
Tonifies and invigorates blood. Regulates menstrual disorders, decreases painful periods, moistens blood-deficient dry intestines to open the bowels. 
Geng Nien An 
Nourishes yin and clears heat; relieves restlessness and tranquilizes the mind. Regulates equilibrium, improves health, and prolongs life. 
Gui Pi Wan 
Strengthens qi, nourishes blood, tonifies the spleen. Helps treat insomnia, poor memory, restlessness, poor appetite, irregular menstruation, and some chronic bleeding. 
Lung Tan Xie Gan Wan 
Used to treat pelvic inflammatory diseases and vaginal itching. 
Ovarian Cleansing Capsules 
Helps clear out ovarian cysts and maintain healthy ovaries. 
Bai Feng Wan 
Strengthens qi and blood. Helps treat irregular or painful menstruations, PMS, leucorrhea, and postpartum weakness. 
Xiao Yao Wan 
Helps control irregular menstruation, PMS with abdominal pain, and feeling hot & cold. 
Xiao Yao Wan Plus 
120 capsules 
A special formula made by E Shan Tang Herbs, adding gardenia and tree peony to move blood stasis and facilitate smoother menses. 
Yu Dai Wan 
Clears damp heat. Helps eliminate itchy, painful leukorrhea with possible abdominal pain. 

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