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Actions & Indications
An Tang Me Xin 
Seaweed and glucosamine. Relieves joint pain. 
Soldier's Pills 
60 capsules 
Helps ease internal bleeding, ulcers, and excessive menstrual flow. Apply directly to open wounds with external bleeding. 
Far Ge Lin 
Clears heat, cools the blood, reduces swelling, stops pain. Used to ease bleeding from hemorrhoids and prolapse. 
Joint Flex Herbal Tea 
Helps move blood and clear the meridians; relieves pain, inflammation, and numbness of the joints and nerves. 
Kang Gu Zen Shen Pian 
Used to ease joint pain & stiffness, and to accelerate recovery from slipped or dislocated discs. 
King Arthritis Buster 
Expels wind, moves blood. Helps to ease strained tendons, numbness in the limbs, and arthritic joint pain. 
Sciatica Care 
Promotes blood flow and helps ease discomfort due to sciatica. 
Tieh Ta Wan 
Helps move stagnant blood and decrease bruises and inflammation; restores flexibility to sprained tendons. 
Vine Essence Pills 
Promotes bone, muscle, and tendon health; aids in improved functioning of the circulatory, nervous, and immune systems; improves kidney, heart, lung, and spleen function. 
Yun Nan Bai Yao 
16 capsules or 4 grams of powder 
Helps disperse blood clots, stop hemorrhage, and promote blood circulation. Also decreases swelling and toxic inflammation to ease pain. 
Chin Keo Tien Shan Wan 
72 capsules 

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