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Actions & Indications
Bee & Flower Soap 
Jasmine, rose sandalwood, or ginseng scented soaps. 
Chaun Xin Lian 
Helps both adults and adolescents clear acne and skin infections. 
E Shan Tang Aloe Capsules 
Used to treat rough, dry, sunburned, or damaged skin, in addition to constipation. 
E Shan Tang Herbal Skin Wash 
Helps with any type of irritated or itchy skin with rash. 
He Shou Wu Powder 
8 oz 
An amazing herb that rejuvenates prematurely thinning and graying hair; used by many chemotherapy patients who experience hair loss. (Available @ 1LB/$20) 
Margarite Pills 
Promotes skin health, the circulatory system, and the immune system. Helps to clear acne. 
Pearl Cream 
Moisturizes dry skin. 
Pearl Cream + Pianzihuang 
Moisturizes dry skin and helps to decrease acne. 
Placenta Cream 
Helps decrease wrinkles. 
Placenta & Ginseng Cream 
Decreases wrinkles, replenishes qi, and adds vitality to skin. 
Royal Jelly (American) 
35 capsules 
Helps to alleviate dry, itchy, flaky skin due to nutritional deficiencies. (Available @ 75 capsules for $36) 
Royal Jelly Extract 
30 bottles 
Helps to alleviate dry, itchy, flaky skin due to nutritional deficiencies. 
Seaweed Defat soap 
Promotes blood circulation, acts on subcutaneous fat, and makes skin more tender. 
Shanghai Sulfur Soap 
Relieves itchy skin. 
Sprout Hair Spray 
Rejuvenates thinning hair and premature hair loss. 
Plant Shampoo 
Containing natural plant essence, it can support the hair root to prevent hair loss and improve the blood circulation of head skin. 
Chinese Herbal Shampoo 
Nourishes the hair and improves manageability. It will give your hair a shiny, vitalized appearance and leave it feeling soft and elastic. 
Forever Young 
60 capsules 

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