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Actions & Indications
Y.S. Organic Bio Bee Pollen 
10 oz 
Bee pollen's ability to consistently and noticeably increase energy levels and rejuvenates your body. 
High Power Herbal Capsules 
60 capsules 
Ingredients: Siberian Ginseng, Polygonum, American Ginseng, Ma Huang. 
Prince Ultra Garlic 
Has been shown to help promote healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels. 
Pine Pollen 
60 capsules 
Can improve metabolism, correct gastrointestinal dysfunction, prevent skin from aging, and increase skin elasticity. 
Placenta of Sheep 
This exceptional product contains rich essential amino acids, active proteins, & lecithin. Each softgel is made using placenta extract from only healthy sheep. 
100 softgels 
As a dietary supplement, promotes healthy inflammation response and supports heart & brain health.  
Fish Oil 
60 softgels 
As a dietary supplement, two softgels daily with meals or as directed by your physician. 
Shark Cartilage 
Has been recognized as a vital nutritional supplement. Rich in mucopolysaccharides. 

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